5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Farm Business Like a Fire

Campfire on a remote lake in the Canadian wilderness

Starting a farm – or any business – is a lot like starting a fire.

For some the tiniest spark can start a roaring fire. Others need a ton of newspaper and big lungs – only to produce smoke.

Here’s how to ignite your farm business.

1) Big logs don’t burn with matches and a few sheets of newspaper.

You need kindling to create enough heat to ignite it. The bigger the log, the more you need.

Your big idea will never catch on if you don’t have enough resources to light it, no matter how hard you try.

2) Start small. Be Patient.

Start small and get a few sticks burning first. Then when things heat up, add smaller logs. Let it catch before you throw on the big ones.

3) Learn from other’s mistakes.

If you’re a first-timer, learn from someone with experience before dumping everything into a pile and hoping for the best. You need technique to start a good fire. The more practise you have the easier it’ll be.

4) Adapt your strategy to the conditions.

Evaluate your resources. Do you have fast burning softwood? Is it nice and dry, or are you stuck with something less ideal? Your strategy will be different based on your knowledge, skills, experience, time and money. Be inspired by others, but don’t copy.

5) You don’t need gasoline (funding).

You don’t need outside funding to start your business, just like you don’t need gasoline to start a fire. Yes, it’s quick but it smells awful and there’s a high risk of getting burned. It makes you dependant on outsiders who may have different motives than you.

There’s no reason we can’t enjoy a life fuelled by our dreams. Protect that spark within you from wind and water, and give it the resources it needs to become that cozy campfire that people love.

Published by

Fraser Bliss

Founder of Farmwell, speaker, lover of fresh local food.