New in Farmwell: Buy local food in small quantities

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Farmers selling local food on generic e-commerce platforms are forced to pre-package and price their products in set quantities like “Strawberries – 500g”. For pastured meat farmers that means selling by average weight and annoying customers who end up with smaller cuts of beef, pork or poultry.

From Day 1 at Farmwell, we offered farmers and food hubs the chance to price their products in any quantities they want… kilograms, pounds, gallons, boxes, bags, etc.

Many of our customers have been asking us to take this a step further. Not every local food buyer wants a whole kilo of this or an entire litre of that.

Buying local online saves a lot of time, which means people can buy more frequently and in smaller quantities.

So we listened and spent time thinking how this could be done in the most simple way possible.

Typing decimals would be a pain. We didn’t want to lose those easy order buttons everybody loves either. Additionally, no farmer wants the hassle of getting orders for 23.085 lb.

After experimenting a lot with the design, we came up with a solution that people are finding pretty helpful:

Handy pre-filled order buttons with the option to choose partial quantities in amounts that makes sense. Small increments for small orders, bigger increments for bigger orders.

Lets look at strawberries at $18/kg.

If someone just want’s to buy a bit, there are smaller options:order-small-quantities


If they want more, the units get bigger too:order-normal-quantities


It get really simple when big quantities are ordered:


And if a buyer starts off with a small amount and then adds more of it later (cause it’s just so yummy), Farmwell adds them together and rounds it off to the most appropriate amount.

After all, your local food e-commerce system should be doing this kind of heavy lifting – so you don’t have to.

Thank you to all of our dear customers who requested this feature!





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Fraser Bliss

Founder of Farmwell, speaker, lover of fresh local food.