Have You Considered SPIN Farming?

SPIN Farming

We’ve talked about how to buy a farm debt-free, even without money, and how we should value our time if we’re going to be financially sustainable.

Did you know that’s what SPIN Farming is about?

When I first heard of it I falsely assumed it was something like square-foot gardening with a twist.

Nope. Not even close.

SPIN Farming harvest

SPIN Farming stands for Small Plot INtensive Farming. But it isn’t a method of agriculture. It’s a business model.

Roxanne Christensen, co-founder of SPIN Farming, explains it like this:

SPIN Farming produces the net income levels of traditional farming, while eliminating much of its costs, complexity and uncertainty. — Scaling Up by Roxanne Christensen


We all know that karma doesn’t pay the rent.

Since SPIN Farming is a business model, you can easily pair it with your growing method of choice — traditional, biodynamic, rotational grazing, permaculture, bio-intensive… it’s up to you. It let’s you get started on the cheap and gives you the recipe for how to earn $50,000 on half an acre on land that you don’t even own.

It gives you another reason to start today instead of tomorrow so we can quit the rat race and do what we love.

Images via Green City Acres (farmer) and Wally Satzewich (harvest).




Listen to SPIN Farmer extraordinaire Curtis Stone‘s interview with Diego Footer:



Books are also available directly from the authors as a PDF download.

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