Farmwell just got faster!


Sept 23, 2014

Farmwell was at times unacceptably sluggish for people outside of North America and Europe. Especially Australians and New Zealanders we’re getting too many opportunities to practise patience.

The performance of some pages was simply unacceptable.

But today, I’m happy to let you know that we’ve just rolled out a number of updates to our servers and worldwide distribution network to speed things up. Now when you view a page, much of the content comes from servers nearby you (unless you live in Antarctica or Timbuktu).

That means it should be noticeably faster for everybody with a half-decent internet connection.

We’ll be monitoring things going forward and we’ll always be doing stuff to make it a little faster here and a little faster there, but there should be a noticeable improvement as of today.

So now you can save your patience for life’s more important things.

Flickr Creative Commons photo by Kerri Lee Smith

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